Every day, millions of water pumps deliver water from wells to homes, farms and businesses. Water wells can supply water for many different uses, including domestic use, agricultural use, industrial use, and irrigation. But a water well is more than just a hole in the ground. Drilling of a well is a complex and difficult process that should only be attempted by professionals with the right equipment and experience. Jones and Stone has the right equipment and nearly 50 years of drilling experience.
Well water is the most natural choice for your family’s home water supply. Direct ground water does not undergo any chemical filtering before it’s consumed. Ground water travels through Mother Nature’s own filters.
If you live off main roads, well water may be the perfect solution for your water needs. The well may be drilled much closer to your home and could be less expensive than connecting to a public utility that may pump in water from many miles away.
Well water is free! After the initial well installation costs, there is no charge for using water. So in the long run you could save a great deal.